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Lutein October 3, 2008

Posted by yazteca in Nutricion.

Tiene vista borrosa? No puedes ver los colors bien? Por el tanto uso de la vista para la persona que lee mucho o usar la computadora mucho su vista se le va ir cansando y acabando el poder de ver bien.

Muchos jugos naturales como el de Cramberry Juice tiene el engridiente LUTEIN, que ayuda a mejor la vista. Nostros en Azteca – Centro de Nutricion nos gustaria presentarles un producto que es extracto puro de Lutein.



Lutein (Fat Soluble) – Another carotenoid that gives certain vegetables their dark green pigment, Lutein has enjoyed growing popularity in recent years. Research has shown that lutein protects the macular region of the eye from age-related decline, or macular degeneration. Lutein makes up most of the pigment in the retina of the human eye. However, damaging UV rays from the sun, as well as other environmental and endogenous factors, can deplete Lutein levels, so supplementation is important if you don’t eat green leafy vegetables.*
Para mas informacion visita: www.nowfoods.com


Brownsville, TX



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