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Artichoke capsules for weight loss March 20, 2009

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Artichoke plant capsules are essential for your health and weightloss.



Artichoke is a plant that is very high in antioxidants more than any other food or vegitable out there. This plant can guarantee you weight loss in less than a couple of months, especially if you take the artichoke capsules.

Suggested health benefits of artichoke

  • High Cholesterol: Lowers LDL or bad cholesterol and increases HDL or good cholesterol. Artichoke leaf has been shown to lower cholesterol. One study showed a decrease in total cholesterol of 18.5 and LDL cholesterol by 23. It had actually gained widespread use in the 1950’s and 60’s before the advent of statin drugs. It is thought to interfere with cholesterol synthesis. A substance it contains called luteolin may play a role in it cholesterol lowering abilities.
  • Reduces triglycerides, total serum cholesterol
  • Has diuretic properties – useful in kidney disease
  • Increases bile flow and lover function – used in connection with cirrhosis
  • Helps abdominal pain, heartburn, bloating
  • Relieves constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting






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